Our Mission
We are a manufacturing company dedicated to offer innovative solutions to small and medium enterprises through constant technologic update, reliability and security of all of their products.
Our Vision
To achieve a steady growth based on the constant innovation and commitment with quality and our clients’ satisfaction.
Our Values
• Innovation, because we know it is the only path to last in time.
• Self improvement, because we are absolutely sure everything can be improved.
• Integrity, because we have always conducted ourselves with integrity in all aspects of life.
• Respect for our clients and suppliers, because we know they are a key component of our business.
• Reliability in our Human Resources, because it is our most valued asset.
• Harmony, because it enhances the work environment.
• Quality, because it defines us and opens markets.

These seven values represent us and conduct us as a business.

Quality Policy

Since its foundation, LIPARI has maintained a strong commitment with every client with the aim to satisfy their requirements in relation to products and services.

Nowadays this commitment has deepened through the implementation of a Quality Management System in compliance with the International Standard ISO 9001:2008 and the search for constant improvement in our processes.

LIPARI®, founded in 1979, manufactures Cash Drawers, Hand Wrapping Machines, Polyethylene Heat Sealers and Hot Stamping Printers.

From starters it has kept a steady growth thanks to the work policy based on constant innovation and continuous commitment with quality.

Today, at its modern factory in the city of Rosario, Argentina, it upplies to more than 500 distributors all over the country and abroad.

LIPARI: Mitre 4656 - 2000 Rosario I (Santa Fe) - Argentina
Tel. (54) 341 - 4643789 Fax: (54) 341 - 4643426
e-mail: lipari@lipari.com.ar


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