Manual Packing Machine  (Mod. VE400)

Technical characteristics

• Impulse Heat Seal.
• Light indicator of start and end of operation.
• Electronic regulation to seal bags with different widths.
• Body built in coated sheet and stainless steel external finish.
• Seals Polyethylene of up to 150 microns.
• Adjustable tray.
• Function: Double seal and cut-off.
• 3mm Width of each seal.

Different loading conducts
Model Coil width Internal dimensions
(length x width)

44 mm 24 x 14 mm
CON608 80 mm 35 x 30 mm
CON610 100 mm 50 x 30 mm
CON615 150 mm 65 x 45 mm
CON620 200 mm 90 x 50 mm
CON630 300 mm 165 x 55 mm

Operation System
Fit to pack products in bulk or liquids through the adaptation of a polyethylene tube outside the loading conduct.
Once the product is loaded, it enters through that conduct.Pressing the pedal makes 2 seals and one cut (the cut between the seals). The lower seal closes the packaging, the cut releases (results in the complete final packaging) and the upper seal closes the bottom of the tube in order to manufacture the next packaging.

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Manual Packing Machine

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