Hot Stamping Date Coders

Technical features

• Stainless steel constructed.
• Tamper-proof dry printing.
• Capable of 1, 2 or 3 lines imprinting
  (manufacturing date, expiration date and lot numbers). 
• The maximum printing size that accommodates the 3 lines is 23 mm x 13 mm. 
• Font height: 3,5 mm.
• Suitable to imprint on polyethylene, polypropylene,
  paper, OPP lamination, paper, cardboard, etc.



Free Standing Unit Mod. FR333
• Bags are sealed in vertical position. 
• For bulk and liquid packaging. 
• Adjustable tray to accommodate the length of the bags.

Printhead - Mod. FM333

• Adaptable to mount on manual, automated
  or semi-automated packaging machines.




Hot stamping system
The system combines ink with high temperature.
The code is imprinted when the heated typehead transfers the ink from the ribbon to any material.

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