Lípari manufactures 2 different kinds of sealers: Impulse Sealers and Constant Heat Sealer.

Both systems have different applications depending on the type, thickness and quality of the material that has been used as well as the intended production and the type of packaging. Therefore, we suggest you should read all the relevant information to avoid any inconvenience when using the machine.

Impulse Sealing

With this system, every time you press the handle or the pedal- depending on the model- the unit sends an electrical current impulse to the heating element or heating elements. The duration of this current flow is regulated from the panel (analogue or digital, depending on the model). The longer the period of time, the higher the temperature. Therefore, a thicker material can be sealed. 

The primary limitation of this system is the rest time between seals, which must not be shorter than 8 seconds. You will be able to seal 450 bags per hour. Provided that you keep the rest time as indicated, the unit will work without inconveniences and it will ensure an optimal performance. 

The durability of the consumables (element, Teflon coated fabric, wire, silicone rubber, etc.) will depend on the rest time. Otherwise, its durability will be shorter than expected and you may have problems with the internal components of the unit. 

Lipari is not liable for any damage resulting from MISUSE OF THE PRODUCT. 

• Always keep the sealing platform clean. Pay special attention when removing any type of plastic trash that may remain on the Teflon coated fabric. 

• Do not clean the sealing platform with a damp cloth. 

• Do not use Lipari products in environments with salt or any similar substance to avoid irreversible damage. 

• Check regularly the condition of the silicone rubber of the pressure handle. Any deformity may affect the welding quality. Replace it if necessary. 

• ONLY SEALING MACHINES: If you need to cut instead of sealing, replace element wire seal for the element wire cut-off. Please, take special care to place it on the Teflon coated fabric. Do not put both elements together. 

Constant Heat Sealer

The constant temperature system works through heat transference from a 12 mm width metal bar to the package. When the unit is turned on you need 8 minutes to reach the ideal working temperature. Once it has reached this temperature, it will remain constant, which will allow you to seal all the packages in the same way. 


• If you have any inconvenience with any of our products, do not try to repair it yourself. This may provoke greater damage. 

• If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, technical service personnel or qualified technical staff in order to preserve the safety of the product.

• LIPARI guarantees the supply of original spare parts of all the components manufactured in their plant. Ask for these spare parts to your supplier or contact the Technical Department.

Difference between both systems

Different types of sealing comparative table

Variable to adjust Time Temperature
Minimum resting time 8 seconds None
Maximum material thickness 150 microns It varies depending on material
Sealing width 1,5 mm in sealers up to 30 cm                  3 mm in sealers of 40 and 60 cm 12 mm
Waiting time after the machine is turned on None 8 minutes
Waiting time after each modification None 8 minutes

LIPARI guarantees the supply of original spare parts of all the components we manufacture. Ask for these spare parts to your supplier or contact the Technical Department.
LIPARI reserves the right to add, remove or modify models and features without notice. The features and images have been used for descriptive and illustrative purposes.
ELECTRIC SAFETY The products manufactured by LipariŽ have a Certificate of Conformity (IRAM S-Type).